Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Meme of the day

Note: I do not have any idea what "meme" means, but it appears to include questionnaires like this that people, like me, post on their blogs, like this. This is from Steph. Everyone else? Tag, you're it!

My name is: Lisa

I may seem: scattered. And I am.

People who know me think: I need to get out more.

If you knew me you'd probably: end up giving me diet/exercise advice.

Sometimes I feel: like I will never learn to fully love and accept myself. Therefore, I fear I will never find someone to love or accept me -- if I can't, who will?

My days are pretty: mundane during the week, broken up by the occasional dinner or HH.

Yesterday: I finally ran my dishwasher for the first time in 2 weeks (it's all about to change, eh Nicole? ;).

In the morning I: hit snooze for about an hour and then drag out of bed and try to be alert enough to get through the morning commute.

I like to sleep: a lot. Late. Naps. In the sun, in the rain. I. Like. to. Sleep.

If I could be doing anything right now I would be: traipsing through the streets of Paris. Or Italy. Or Germany. Heck, even Las Vegas.

Money: only becomes more complex the older you get and the more you make.

One thing I don't have that I wish I did is: a personal trainer.

One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: so much extra weight.

All you need is: a great friend you can count on.

All I need is: chocolate and bubble baths. (I mean, BESIDES my great friends I can count on ;)

If I had one wish it would be: to have unlimited funds forever and ever. This would allow me to do so many other things, like get healthy, write a novel, bestow moola on those I love, travel everywhere, and not stress out about debt anymore.

Love is: chocolate and bubble baths.

If I could see one person right now it would be: Rocco.

Something I want but I don't really need is: a bigger house with more windows.

I live for: the moment -- or at least, that is my ultimate goal, to live for today, not yesterday or tomorrow.

I am afraid of: being a failure.

It makes me angry when: people are dishonest and don't say what they really mean.

I dream about: people in my past, present and future; large houses with neverending hallways and rooms; being in my HS and not being able to find my locker; missing a final in college; getting to the airport just in time for a flight but realizing I forgot my passport; pastel, neon-colored kittens in the parking lot at Windsor Park Mall; flying; donuts; shall I continue?

I daydream about: the day when I am completely fulfilled by what I have that very moment. I want peace with myself, my body, my career, my family, my social life, everything. Peace.


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