Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's just wrong

I have spent much of my work day trying to come up with headlines for ads about a new golf course. HOW did this ever get assigned to me?? I know less about golf than...well... lots of other stuff. Like lizards and cats -- I know a lot about lizards and cats. And ice cream. And beauty products. Just not golf. Unfortunately we do not have any clients that sell lizards, cats, ice cream, or beauty products. Dammit.

It is cold today, which is weird for mid-March. Although it amuses me, in a mean way, that it's 40 degrees during SPRING BREAK -- HA HA to all those people who are on VACATION this week while i'm here in my cube researching GOLF TERMS!

There are other things annoying me today, also. Nothing major, just a bunch of little things adding up. For one thing, there is something mysteriously wrong with my brand new shiny digital camera that I love. It seems like a battery issue, but I've changed the batteries and it still won't turn on. I am perplexed and irritated -- I just used it a week ago, what happened???

In addition, in a gross oversight I evidently forgot to pay my land-line phone bill last month, and I realized today it had been disconnected. SIGH. I am too old for this kind of shit to slip through the cracks. The problem is I feel like time is spinning by so fast these days that I honestly never know what month it is, let alone the day. I mean, come ON people, how are we in mid-March???? Anyway, I went online, paid it, and set up auto-payments from now on so they can just TAKE the money whenever they want to. I only have a couple more bills to set up and all of it will be automated from now on. I used to be distrustful about these auto-withdrawals from my bank, but hey -- this is 2005 and a girl shouldn't have to worry about forgetting to pay her phone bill, right? As I often tell my mom, paying for things online is not any more dangerous than handing your credit card to the pimply 16-year-old cashier at the HEB, as far as I can tell. The Internet probably makes less mistakes, in fact, than that pimply, 16-year old checker flirting with the quiet girl who works in the frozen food department. (Oh, I know that department WELL).

Oh, and starting two days ago? In a stoke of irony, the one smoke detector in my house I can't reach, on the apex of my kitchen ceiling, is low on batteries and has been beeping at me insistently. Yesterday I climbed my painting ladder, which of course was not tall enough, and poked at it with a broomstick, HARD, until it gave a giant beep and then stopped. I have no idea what I did, but it stopped and that is all that counts. Don't worry about me, there are about 12 more smoke detectors scattered throughout my modest 1300 sq. foot house. I suppose that also means that at some point, they will ALL get low on batteries and start beeping, DEAR GOD NO.

Ok, I just wanted to check in and spew forth some venom. Just kidding. I think it makes me feel better to get stuff out there -- today I'm not sure, but I'll keep you posted, don't touch that keyboard!

that is all for now.

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