Wednesday, March 23, 2005


This morning, I woke up a tad late so I was rushing around, as usual. The cats were being particularly mellow, maybe because we didn't go to bed til late last night? In any event, Jess remained burrowed under the covers when I got up and Piper continued to roll around and lazily bathe herself on the bed, and usually they're in my face at the sink as I prepare for work. Whatever. Meggie even stayed quiet, not croaking at me in her smoker's meow as per usual. The kits didn't even glance at me as I left, they were like "see ya" with a flick of their tails. I have perfected the 15-minute routine, so I was out the door and in my car before I realized I forgot my shoes. I ran back inside, and my delicate bare feet must have been silent because I caught the kitties off guard. And this is what I witnessed upon returning to my bedroom:

Jess and Piper sitting in identical poses, parellel to one another, in my bathroom doorway, with deer-in-the-headlights expresssions. Meggie sitting in the middle of my bed looking surprised and somewhat glazed. They all nervously glance at one another, and in a rare show of solidarity, Piper even met eyes with Megs without growling. Something was clearly up.

I ignored them, jumped over Jess/Piper (who didn't move) and grabbed my shoes, leaping back over the cats and running back out to my car. Now I don't know for sure, but here's what I think happened after that.

Jess: Well shit, that was a close one.
Piper: I know! What's up with her sneaking up on us?? We're CATS, we're supposed to have bionic HEARING.
Megs: Croak.
Piper: Shut up. You're no help, you old bat.
Jess: Ladies. Please.

And that was my morning. Followed by about a pound of Cadbury eggs (the mini eggs, with the hard candy shells). And some client drama. And a lot of fatigue. And a rather monumental sugar crash. And complete rejection of my Lean Cuisine in the fridge.

In other news, my sister and I are starting to let our imaginations take hold and romanticize the whole living situation that is fast approaching. We're tossing around visions of karate and tumbling classes for the boys; yoga or the gym for us; a sparkling house and warm supper on the table every evening when I come home :D; countless house projects for an enthusiastic and energetic BIL. Yes, all is well in the land of Fantasy, Hope, and Relative Naivete. My favorite land of all.

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