Thursday, June 16, 2005


I am so fried. So fried that I can't make myself do the work I brought home with me. So fried that I can't even bring myself to work on my freelance project that is due Monday. This week. It has been long.

This afternoon I had an offsite meeting for work, and afterwards, I drove around and looked at a couple of houses with the girl who gave me a ride. I can't begin to express how GREAT it was to be away from my desk, immersed in girl talk, driving around in the hot sun looking for houses to rent in downtown Austin. Not only was it great to be away from the office for a little while, but looking for little houses made me want one. A different house, I mean. I have been saying this for a couple of years now, but I really do think I'm ready to move into my upgrade home -- the cute little house I live in now? It's cute, but I never intended it to be my "forever" home. In fact, I never dreamed I'd live here as long as I have. Never. But living here has given me great perspective. Here is a list of things I know I want in my next house:

-**a gigantic, luxurious bathtub,** separate from a gigantic awesome shower.
-Location, Location, Location -- more central, closer to work
-tons of windows and natural light
-no yard to tend (I'm thinking condo or townhome?)
-no more wall-to-wall carpet
-a view
-for the great room to be nowhere near the front door -- i'm tired of sitting on my couch every night feeling like someone is staring at me through the little windows by my front door, which is 10 feet away
-an enclosed area for the kitties to hang out in
-neighbors my own age - everyone here, and I mean EVERYONE, has little kids. No one talks to me, as I'm the "spinster with the cats who never does her lawn." SIGH.

Things I do love about my current house, that I wouldn't want to give up, are:

-the vaulted ceilings and feeling of openness
-the master bedroom in back of the house looking out over the backyard and the greenbelt
-the greenbelt
-the guest room/guest bathroom
-unique angles -- my house is not all square inside, it has neat slants and cuts

Nice little wishlist. Think i'll pack it up and go to bed early tonight. Maybe this weekend i'll be inspired to finish what my sister and I started and get the house perfect so I can sell it :) Or maybe not --who knows....

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Crazy MomCat said...

I can SO see you in a little loft/condo off of Town Lake. Oh, my! I would have to come and visit you LOTS then. And, you'd have all these hip neighbors and stuff...and I could come visit your hip neighbors and pretend I was hip too instead of a burb-ite. Yeah, I have it all mapped out go ahead and move.(Giggles)