Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My mood, it makes sense

Top ten clues that it **might** soon be my TOM:

1. I seriously almost sprayed hairspray under my arm this morning
2. I was out my driveway before I remembered my laptop
3. I left my frozen lunch thawing on my coffee table
4. I have four (count them: 4) mysterious bruises on my legs
5. I have dropped my pen under my desk every 10 minutes or so since 9 a.m.
6. I have also dropped water bottle lids, post-it-note pads, and my cell phone
7. I keep listening to “The Boys of Summer” over and over again on my iTunes
8. I just finished lunch and I’m already plotting dinner
9. I’ve had three bottles of water and one glass at lunch and I haven’t peed yet
10. I’m getting emotional brainstorming for new and exciting ways to sell laptop computers

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