Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I am severely procrastinating. I have more work to do (GASP), so I thought it an opportune time to post some pics of my kitties. I've been promising you jungle kitty pics, so here are a couple of Piper. First one, you have to look REAL hard to see her, but trust me, she's in there...

Jungle Kitty

Here she is just soaking up the energy of the (fake) tree...

Jungle Kitty 2

Now, I bring you "Kitties in the Backyard on a HOT Day."

Meggie eating a weed in the hot sun -- you are witnessing one of the happiest moments of her long cat life:

old kitty

Here is Piper greeting Jess after she galloped outside:

lovey kitties

and finally, Jess chillin' on the back porch:

biiiiig kitty

Ok, enough of the kitties. Sheesh.

I have been intimidated to blog lately (well, besides being wicked busy) because I was feeling like my blog is so light and fluffy compared to some others I've been reading. But don't worry -- I'm over it, as I realized I have a lot of big ideas swirling in my head right now, and eventually I'll straighten them out here.

Until then...

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Crazy MomCat said...

Glad you are BACK! I missed you!