Friday, June 24, 2005

It's really happening

I spoke to my sis this morning and they have an official move date now: July 8. That is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. None of us can quite believe it. That's actually the day they get on the plane and jet off to their new life -- things start getting hairy on the 6th, when the movers come. Nicole said, "Yeah, we keep saying to each other, 'so when are we going to quit pretending we're moving to Colorado?'" Yeah, it's pretty unreal for me too, folks!

And? Cooper, the youngest nephew, broke his wrist this week. So he's in a cast for a month. Can you think of a better time to have a baby in a cast?? In the heat of summer in TEXAS, during a MOVE?? Yeah, me neither. He got hurt rough-housing with his big brothers -- boys, you know. Cole had a broken arm a year ago; maybe two now? (see what I mean about time? no concept) that he got by jumping off the roof of their playhouse. Pretending to be Spiderman. Good times. Boys.

Anyway, my sis and her husband are going house-hunting in CO this weekend, so my parents are keeping los chicos pequenos. Should be interesting. I don't know if I'll see them this weekend, but I will def. see them all next weekend.

So that's the update, that's all I got. I will still have to work a bit this weekend, but not at all like last weekend -- yay!

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