Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Live from Austin

This is a live feed, so to speak. I just finished watching the first episode (rerun from last night) of the Real World Austin. People were laughing about it at work today, so when I saw it was on again, I caved. And you know what? It was truly. Dreadful. I felt soooo old watching that shit. Those people -- do they know they look like ASSES?? And how did MTV manage to make my city look like Gotham??? (little batman reference in there for ya, dipu). I am a Real World veteran. I have not watched it every season, and my fave all time season was Las Vegas, just a couple years ago. The one after that was in Paris, and I was SO EXCITED about that one -- but turns out it was so awful I couldn't bear to watch it, even just to see my favorite city. I'm afraid Austin may be like that too for me. SIGH. All I know is that, my eyes? They are currently stuck up inside my forehead, because they were on one continuous roll for an entire hour. Dammit.

Who's to say, I could still get sucked in; it's been known to happen...

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sarah said...

I quit watching after the second NYC one. Those girls were such bitches! Anyway, here are my favorite RWs in order of dramalisciousness:

1. Hawaii
2. Seattle
3. LA
4. London (boring but Ian was hawt!)