Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Things that bug me

I am working on a couple of longer entries, but just to update, I decided to give you another list. So here are 10 things that are bugging me today:

1. My headphones are all tangled up in a big knot and all I want to do is listen to Madonna's "Music" on my iTunes, dammit.
2. I forgot all my meds today, so I have nothing, nada, not even Aleve. I'm going to feel like crap later. Or tomorrow.
3. I was so bone tired last night that I hurriedly washed my hair, put nothing in it (i.e., product), and went to bed with it wet -- and today was the first day in 3 years that someone complimented me on my hair.
4. I choked on a pineapple at an important client meeting this morning and now my throat hurts.
5. I freaked out about my sore throat for about an hour before I remembered choking on the pineapple and put 2 and 2 together.
6. I have to write three freelance passages tonight because AS USUAL I have procrastinated to the very end. Well, not the VERY end -- the deadline is Friday...
7. I slept poorly last night because I was so terrified I'd be late to the 8:30 meeting this morning.
8. I had to attend an 8:30 meeting this morning.
9. Jess woke me up at 5 for catnip again.
10. I have been trying to post this for over an hour but blogger has been down -- grrr.


Dipu said...

Regarding #4, choking on a pineapple, a little advice: Try peeling and cutting it up next time.


Babs said...

I swear that I've complimented you on your hair more recently than that!

You may want to add a #11 to your list: Friends who take your blog entry WAY too seriously. ;-)