Friday, April 08, 2005


Ok, so I just wanted to check in this morning and say that I'm feeling MUCH better than yesterday, physically and mentally. Amazing how much being sick can affect your whole outlook. Last night I took an insane amount of Nyquil, blasted my nose passages open with Afrin (exp. 2/02, but hey, still worked) and slept like a baby, having epic dreams that combined high school, the Oscars (of which I was a nominee), my ex Chris, and "The Wizard of Oz" -- as a musical. In which I danced. I woke up to bright sunlight (hooray! the sun!) and a clear head for the first time in a week. Wheee!

Today is also "moving" day at work -- we're doing a major shuffle within our building, and it's utter chaos and noise -- but it's kind of a festive atmosphere and everyone seems pretty chipper. Anyway... I will write more later, but I just looked over my past few entries and thought "wow. dark."

So here, have some light.

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