Friday, April 29, 2005

Beauty is in the eyes...

...of the construction worker. Please. Let me explain.

It is a miracle. This morning I left my house at 8:30 and arrived at work at 9:00. THIRTY MINUTES people. Why is this a miracle? Because usually it takes no less then 40 minutes. The reason for the DRASTIC reduction in time? They *finally* opened the new stretch of Mopac (Loop 1 for you non-Austinites) that bridges William Cannon, meaning those folks coming from the deep south of Austin no longer have to exit, wait through 2-3 lights at Wm Cannon, then get back on Mopac. In short -- wow. It opened a couple of days ago, but I have been running late the last few days so I did not notice/wallow in the time savings until today. And? As I steadily drove over the new bridge, there was a gaggle of construction workers standing behind some cones in the shoulder-to-be, and I swear, they looked like they were going to swoon. They stood back, hands in back pockets, admiring their handiwork. I imagined they were thinking "It's a beautiful thing. Traffic. Moving. In Austin." I whole-heartedly agree, and THANK YOU very much!

In other news, as I took a bleary-eyed shower this morning, I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye. Not like Psycho or anything, just something. Finally I pried my eyes open enough to see that it was a mayfly. Mosquito hawk. Whatever. In my shower, with me. Some people might have freaked. But me? I shrugged and figured it would eat any stealthy mosquitos hiding in my shower trying to bite my delicate nakedness. So, yeah. Me and the mosquito hawk, we bonded, naked, in the shower.

And that's all I got on this drizzly yet fabulous Friday morning...

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