Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Out of it

I feel like I'm clawing my way up from the bottom of a swimming pool. On the way to the surface, everything is turqouise and squiggly. It's like dreaming about underwater, in that I can breathe, albeit shallowly. I ache, especially my head. So I decided it was a GREAT time to blog -- Haha.

I am sick. I have been sickly for days, but today I am s.i.c.k. I worked from home today, but mostly slept. I do feel a little better, but not great. Although I did figure out what's wrong with me -- sinus infection. Lalala! At least I know what drugs to take now. It's weird in that sometimes I work more efficiently when I'm feverish. Even though I worked less hours, I think I got more done. Vedddy interesting.

I have been watching Law&Order for hours. Really. Hours. I'm actually kind of sick of L&O at this point. This has never happened. What does it mean???

It was a beautiful day today, it's really too bad I felt too shitty to do more than open all my windows. I did enjoy the breeze and the sunshine, but from my couch. The kitties frolicked in the backyard all afternoon, so they're all tired and stinky now. Did you know kitties sweat? They smell like little boys when they're outside for a few hours. It's a very distinct smell, you know. Most of you do, anyway...

Now that I've propped myself up at my computer, I've been doing some online shopping. But it's "pretend" shopping. I spend a lot of time picking colors, styles, even making a cyber-model of myself (that's for another blog) and trying on stuff, then I go to my shopping cart and delete everything. It gets the shopping itch under control, without going broke. If only I'd mastered this game right after I got divorced, I would be rolling in money now -- instead of tiny, useless sundresses I can't yet let go to Goodwill. sigh.

I wish I had something deep and meaningful to say tonight, but I do not. I just felt like rambling, so here it is. I am going to bed soon and hope to wake up clear-headed, medicated, and fully functioning again tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me...


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sarah said...


I hope you feel much much better soon. I used to get sinus infections all the time. Even sleeping is uncomfortable!