Friday, July 01, 2005


I am sad right now because one of my favorite bloggers, ChickenFlicken, has resigned her blog, shut it down, gone away. I feel silly on one hand, because I didn't really ""know"" her; but I read about her life every day and I really enjoyed it. I feel like someone told me I can't watch the end of a gripping movie, that I'll never ever find out the resolution to the cliffhanger. That may sound weird, but I'm dying to know what she's up to and if she's okay. There's nothing I can do, I just thought I'd say that. I miss you, ChickenFlicken -- wherever you are...

PLUS, on top of THAT, I made ANOTHER pilgimmage to Target -- and they STILL don't have sprinklers. WTF??? I even asked someone this time, but he was completely useless -- "hmm, that's weird; you'd think they'd be right here, by the garden hoses..." THANKS, Target man. You've been a big help.

I'm going to go take a bath and go to sleep now, because I have a big couple of days ahead of me. Tomorrow morning I'm driving to Comfort for the annual 4th of July parade, where my family will meet, and we will celebrate Claytie's third birthday a couple weeks early, since they'll be in CO for the real day. (Oh, if it seems like I've been making lots of references to my nephews and their birthdays? That's because I HAVE -- they are all clustered together -- May, June, July, two years apart each.) Then after the parade, my sister and the boys (minus my BIL) will drive back to SA where we will celebrate my brother's birthday that evening. Then I'm going to stay with Nicolee for one last girl's night in TX, because my BIL will be in Austin visiting his brother for the weekend. I'm not counting on getting a lot of sleep tomorrow night, needless to say. So that's basically my weekend, and I have Monday off, to recuperate and rest, if I so choose.

I am going to go soak in a LUSH bath until I can keep my eyelids open not one second longer. So good night to all, and to all a good night.

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Crazy MomCat said...

Hey, that's my made-up word! Ha!

I miss Chicken too...she was so funny.

I don't think this blog reading thing is healthy. I've never done well with unresolved relationships!