Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The power of iTunes

And just like that, I am back in 12th grade, standing in a field nearby my high school, next to his truck. The doors are wide open and this song is playing on the radio. It is warm and the wind is blowing my hair. At that moment, I am keenly aware of his feelings for me, the strength and the quandary. He is standing near the open driver’s door and I am leaning into him. We have been quarreling, I don’t remember what about, but I know that we didn’t break up that day. I clearly remember his smell, the strength of his chest, how his arms felt around me, and the faraway look in his eyes as he squinted at the wind, over my head, thinking. His scowl. I remember how strongly my heart ached for him, but also the twinge of sadness at knowing, deep down, this would end when I went away. And I would go away.

-“Love Bites" - Def Leppard, 1988

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Steph. said...

How true this is--and what a clear picture you paint of it. It makes me want to think of songs that take me back to days painted clearly in my own mind and tell the story. I think that's why I love music in all forms so much today. It really does connect you to places in your life and the past. Hmm... I might have to write on this someday, if I ever get my space to myself again...when my family goes home.