Monday, July 25, 2005

One week closer

to cruise nirvana! I am getting excited about my trip, but also nervous. For with relaxation comes stress, at least in my world. For example: I finally bit the bullet and bought a swimsuit tonight. Online. It most likely won't fit, but at least I tried. I mean, what are the odds, really, when I, like millions of other women, have spent hours upon hours under the unforgiving dressing room lights, looking at my pasty self smashed into so, so, many suits that look way better on the hanger than on a real body? Given those odds, what was I thinking? I'll tell you what: I was thinking that it might shatter me to go through that nightmare right now, so I will take my chances online.

I am trying very hard not to go shopping and spend a fortune for one week of Alaskan dreaminess; I am trying very hard to wear what I already have -- exCEPT for the swimsuit. And that will only be worn at night, in a hot tub, under a t-shirt. But still, it's important.

Back to the stress factor -- did I really save myself any stress buying the suit online? Hmm, let's see. It took me about 1 hour to find it, try it on my "virtual model" (after playing with my weight for 30 minutes, seeing how I'd look if I weighed THIS, no, THIS, no, THIS -- or, how would my hair look short? blonde?), and then attempt to order it. The ordering part was worse, because they of course didn't have my size in stock. Of course. So all the careful trying on of the swimsuits on the body of the virtual model was for naught, because in the end I had to just buy whatever they had left in my size. Anything that wasn't tulip pink, that is. So there you go.

As I sit here at my desk, over my shoulder, on the back of my chair, is a snarling, growling, hissing Piper. She is behaving this way b/c she just looked up and realized she is one foot away from the lovely Meggers, who has been lazily watching her for the last 5 minutes, waiting for her to notice and flip out. Heh. A feline after my own heart.

Now i'm going to take a relaxing bubble bath after the trauma of swimsuit shopping. That is all.

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