Thursday, April 20, 2006

where i succumb to the meme

Since I have nothing new with which to dazzle you all, I will take up the challenge posed by Crazy Momcat. The task: to list six weird things about myself. This should be ... really, really hard, because i'm quite weird. Only six??
Here goes:

1. Before bed, I have to put a thick layer of lotion on my...feet. Or else I can't sleep. Just my feet. That's right, although I am an admitted bath and body junkie, the only place on my body I am lotion-obsessed about is my feet. Although my mom has told me my Grandmother had the same quirk -- so THERE!

2. I have a perhaps unhealthy penchant for the grisly. That is, I love crime dramas on tv and in books -- the more disturbing, the better. That isn't to say I like violence, there's a big difference. I just have a fascination with ... hmm. Grisly crimes.

3. I hate lettuce.

4. I let a 23-lb cat tell me when to feed him, catnip him, and let him in the backyard. And I obey.

5. I must wear lipstick if I am anywhere but at my own home. I can go bare faced and messy haired, no problem with that -- but I Must. Have. Lipstick. And -- I don't think this is odd but my friends do -- I don't need a mirror to apply it perfectly. Even if it's bright red.

6. While I am deadly afraid/grossed out by insects of any kind, reptiles don't bother me. I have no problem handling lizards, frogs, even snakes -- well, as long as I know the snake isn't harmful. (I have a fond memory of a summer at Canyon Lake when I was about 12, chasing my "best friend" around with a green garden snake. It was tres cool. All the boys thought I was rad.)


Babs said...

But can you put the lipstick tube in your cleavage and still put it on?!? (a la Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club) Then I would REALLY be impressed.

Crazy MomCat said...

I bet I could. (giggle)

I'd rather be able to dance like her in that long brown skirt and boots. hehehehe...

margaret said...

I still smile about the time we went to lunch and, as you parked, you noticed a spider on the windshield. Instead of jumping off or crawling down to the hood, it crawled up to the roof and out of sight.

You wouldn't get out of the car until I got out first to make sure the spider had moved off the roof. Fortunately, it had.