Tuesday, April 18, 2006

picture it

It is almost 2am and I'm wide awake, propped up in bed, laptop precariously balanced on a pillow on my lap, while I attempt to rub off the smudge of melted chocolate chip I just found on the inside of my elbow. oops. The hazards of eating chocolate in bed...

So I am now seriously dangling over the precipice that is my life, staring downward with wide eyes, heart pounding in my throat, waiting for the moment I know must be just around the corner...waiting...still waiting.... patience has never been my strong suit. And I can't really do much to speed it up, either. I must calm down and trust that the signs will continue to lead me in the right direction, the way I am supposed to go. In the meantime I wear out the Refresh button on my email, maniacally checking for new messages every 2 minutes.

But I have found something that makes me feel better, like I'm at least doing something towards preparing for what will surely be a quick turnaround when the time does come: packing. Not necessarily packing to move, but packing away crap I don't need. Putting knick knacks in boxes so when my house shows, it will look bigger, cleaner, less cluttered. I tackled my office today. Everything but the desk, which is tomorrow's project. There aren't many things that suck more than going through old dusty stacks of paper. Old bills you can't bring yourself to just toss for fear of handing out your identity, old checkbooks (what do you DO with those?? you can't store them forever), a few stray Christmas ornaments. My desk is a cornucopia of wonders, and I can hardly wait to see what else I find as I continue the excavation. BUT. The rest of my office is looking pretty good. The room looks bigger without all the stuff piled up on the floor everywhere, go figure. And as soon as I cleared off my chaise-lounge-style futon, Jess gamely jumped up on it, sniffed around, and settled in for a long catnap.

In other news, I finished one novel this morning and am close to finishing a different one tonight. I'm on a serious roll, catching up with all my trashy reading for the past few years.

Well, that's about all I have right now. I'm going to go check my email (because I'm sure that agency in Denver might send me a message at 1am their time) and attempt to sleep before dawn.

that is all.

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Hope said...

At least you have things in the works, that's awesome!

I'm a big tosser, you wouldn't know it by how much stuff I have piled in my office but every now and then I do a major apartment purge - it feels refreshing.

Good luck with everything.