Wednesday, April 12, 2006

boyfriend update

Ok ok, don't get all excited -- of course i'm talking about my jess. my ever-loyal, loves-me-unconditionally, adoring to the point of annoyance, more cushion for the pushin, gorgeous gray cat. I bring you evidence of his fine-ness:


See how he glows? See how shiny and gray he is? See his ripply girth? See how much free time I have on my hands???

(and, see the little wooden box on the shelf of the bookcase behind him? that's Meggie.)

But no worries, tomorrow I actually have a purpose and a goal. (yes, both.) I am meeting with a couple of recruiters in the afternoon, one for Austin and one for Denver. Let the games begin. Am I any more clear on what I'm doing now than I was a month ago? No. But. I am no longer completely overwhelmed at the thought of moving. I've even been poking around on the internet, looking at housing options, and I am realizing that I SOOOO need a change of scenery. Even if I end up staying in Austin for now, I'm ready to get out of this house. It has served me well, but I'm bored. And I H.A.T.E. the yard. I'm so sick of it. I want more indoor space and less outdoor space. And a view of the mountains wouldn't be bad... not bad at all...

Anyway, the realtor meeting is Friday, so between now and then I need to get my house looking less...bachelorette-ish. It's not dirty, it's just messy. Um, yeah. My brother and his wife are also staying with me Friday night, so that's another reason to clean. My office is a disaster. Maybe I'll start there. I was going to go to Target and buy a bunch of plastic storage boxes, but then I looked around and realized I really just need a bunch of trash bags. Goodwill, here I come. Again.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately (go figure) and it seems other people are full of deep thoughts and thoughtful insights, whereas all I can manage right now is the "hello, I'm alive and broke" entries. I guess it's a phase, I hope it's a phase. I'm searching my brain for insights, but I have...none. Not right now. Not many deep thoughts beyond how I'm going to pay the next bill. But believe me, as soon as I have a deep thought, I'll surely share it with my lovely Internet friends.

For now, au revoir -- i'm going to slug another glass of Target box wine (shut up, don't judge me, you probably have a job) and try to put myself to bed before 2am...


Nicole said...

I am so excited for you, sistah! I feel like big things are about to happen. I wish I could help you sort through your stuff! You know how I love to get rid of things...

sarah said...

Go Lisa! Let the games begin!

BTW, you were a most excellent hostess last weekend! I hope we have time for some girl talk again when I come back to TX in June for my HS reunion (cringe).

Tamara said...

1. I heart Jess.
2. If you move to Denver, I will go to Denver and beat your sister up. But then I will enjoy the view and hopefully your sister will forgive me quickly.
3. There is a very valid time and a very valid place for box wine.