Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Draculita checks in

So the tranformation is complete: I am almost entirely nocturnal now. sigh. I go from feeling anxious about it to wondering why I feel anxious about it because it's not like I have a set schedule right now. And I figure hey, at least i'm not sleeping in a coffin... yet.

So, things that have happened since I last checked in:

=I babysat for Tam's awesome kiddos Saturday night
=I've applied for more jobs, both here and in CO (yes, I took the initial plunge...)
=I've discovered that either my house has a water leak somewhere or the utility co. is screwing with me b/c my water bill has been getting increasingly outrageous for the past 3 months
=I've rescued the first lizard of spring from Piper -- she was chasing it around in my laundry pile earlier and I caught it and put it back outside. I figure i'll give the lizard a headstart and not let the cats back out for a few hours.
=I finally got my iTunes moved from my iPod to my new iBook -- no easy feat, and I ended up having to use an unauthorized-by-Apple utility to do it, but all is well and good now.

That's about...it. My to-do list isn't shrinking, so maybe tomorrow i'll attempt to reset my internal clock and have more hours of daylight in which to be productive. ahem.

Also, thanks to Sarah for sending me more pictures from my recent CA trip:


Nicole said...

Cute pix, sistah! I'm so excited you applied here...I have a vibe. BTW, I think the water bill thing is because of your leaky toilet that runs continually. I wish I could have helped you fix it last time I was there.

And what is it about your cats and lizards? They seem to know when you're unemployed and decided to run up you vet bills....hmmm

Lisabell said...

Actually, I turned off the water to the broken toilet over a month ago. I thought that was it too, but this month's bill was just as bad...ugh

Tamara said...

adorable pictures! This season, let us know if you see enough of any lizard in particular and decide to name one...

Crazy MomCat said...

Great pictures, Oh Guarder of Lizards Great and Small. Your new nocturnal lifestyle will prove helpful to your slimy friends. That is, unless you are in fact becoming a cat...(grin)