Tuesday, April 11, 2006

bits -n- pieces

I have not updated because I didn't think I had anything interesting to write about lately. However, after a short IM conversation with Babs today, I discovered maybe some of what's been going on is somewhat interesting. Or maybe not. But whatever, here goes - hold on to your hats people, it's all very exciting:

1. I [Heart] Taylor on AI.
2. I'm averaging one mystery novel every 2 days.
3. I've become bored with sleep. Also, did you know that when you're bored out of your mind, your dreams are even boring??? S.U.C.K.
4. My realtor is coming over Friday to look at my house and talk about putting it on the market in the near future. This is the third time I've had her do this in the past 4 years, but I think it might stick this time.
5. I am meeting with a recruiter on Thursday. I am also going to meet her Denver counterpart, who will just happen to be in the office on the same afternoon. Tres interesting, no?
6. I'm joining my parents and my sis at my dad's yearly VHPA reunion over July 4th - this year in D.C.
7. ...unless I'm married to Rocco and living in Italy by July 4.
8. i accidentally napped through Grey's Anatomy Sunday night and am plagued with the thought that I missed something pivotal. But i'm too scared to ask anyone.
9. I was sleepy Sunday night because Sarah was in town over the weekend and we ate a lot, drank bellinis at her bridal shower a lot, and gossiped a lot. ExHAUSTing. ;)
10. Last night i had a vivid dream in which my sistah had a baby GIRL. This is what happens when one's mind is not stimulated enough during waking hours...
11. During the past week, I have reconnected with two dear friends with whom I hadn't been in touch for quite a while. It feels awesome.

If I think of anything else, I'll letcha know...


Crazy MomCat said...

You're cool. It was a rerun--the one with the "pregnant guy." I don't watch it, but knew that one had been on before and we watched as we hung curtains in our bedroom.

Mom said...

Every time I was pregnant, I had "opposites" dreams--I dreamed you and Nicole were boys, and I dreamed David was a girl. Better not tell Nicole about your dream...what if it's hereditary?

m2williams said...

I'm really excited about #5 for you! I hear the new gal in Denver is cool. Feel free to name-drop and mention me formerly at Xcel. Good luck!

Tamara said...

Great List. But PLEEZ tell me you guys are joking with the Taylor on AI thing. This is multiple posts now that you girls have brought him up. He scares me.