Monday, February 27, 2006

iTunes moment

To clear up some confusion, I wrote this poem. It describes an experience I had in 1998. The song in my iTunes that triggered the memory is "Some Kind of Change" by Abra Moore -- also the song I sang.

she listened to music and yearned to sing
wanting to be like that, sound like that, make people feel like that
a child in her room, squishing headpones to ears, envisioning herself singing
imagined that person — that strong, talented, confident, beautiful person —
was her.

then the married years and the music stopped
as did her soul, her hope
but with new love came the music, back, loud and clear
of love and ballads and a strong female voice
slowly, shyly, she sang again
in her car, in her shower, in her living room
rapt audience of cats.

then one magic night
he learned the song
strumming the chords over and over and over
an hour
until she gathered her courage
closed her eyes
and sang with her heart.
for one magic moment
confident, strong, beautiful
and he felt it too
the ache of her hope
every note perfect. yearning real and true. casting a spell.
he strummed and strummed
eyes tightly shut.
when eyes opened
it was over
never forgotten.

years gone by
she never opened up again, never sang to him
or anyone
as time passed
after loss
the music waned, but
never stopped.

today she hears the song again
the old ache
the gentle melody
gentle blue eyes
the sparkle
the courage
the love.
for the first time
she hears the words
with her heart
and finally understands.

poignant, real
but not gone
and never forgotten.


Crazy MomCat said...

Oh, man. Now I'm going to have to go get out my old Abra and listen to it. I need to send you yours back sometime soon too!

This was beautiful...

Tamara said...

Wow. I remember hearing about it back in 1998 when it actually happened. Nicely done.
You will sing again.

Crazy MomCat said...

Oh, I knew that wasn't the song--I guess my comment made it sound like I thought it was. I know that song though. I love it. The poem was really beautiful...

Lisabell said...

Thank you so much. I haven't posted poetry before, so it made me kind of nervous... thank you.

Nicole said...

I loved it, Sistah. And I know you can sing. I remember your Lynda Carter days in the basement in Kansas....