Thursday, March 02, 2006


I want so badly to update, but I don't have anything i feel like talking about. I feel antsy, but nothing is really new. I've been busy at work, but am currently at a stalemate. Babs pointed out that it could be my Cheat Night tonight, and I was like, oh, yeah -- already? Seems like I just had that, last Thursday at Matt's El Rancho. Mmm. So I guess, in summary, I feel drained and mostly blah. There are lots of things floating around in my mind that I need to do/plan soon, but I haven't made the time. For the sake of stretching this post out just a little bit more, and to entertain the Internet, of course, here's a brief list of the disjointed stresses bopping around in my brain right now.

To Do
-Make two follow-up Dr. appts
-Make dentist appt, for the love of God
-Get taxes ready for tax guy this weekend
-Write a book
-Blog more
-Go to Central Market and buy fancy groceries I can't get at the lame Albertsons by my house
-Mail package at P.O.
-Call maids and set up appt -- since I have a G.C. and all
-Fill giant hole in backyard OR fill it w/a hot tub
-Freelance more to pay for yardwork and vacations
-Work out more
-Get garage door fixed ONCE AND FOR ALL
-Get oil changed in car
-Return jeans I bought 2 weeks ago since they're now too big -- heheh heh
-Return stupid ugly giant bra for same reason as above
-Catch up on Netflix movies (I have TWO NEW ONES right now, people -- it's a miracle)
-Call cable co. and find out about upgrading to HD cable

and the list just keeps on going. It never ends. These are the things that keep me awake at night. Well, when I'm not crashed out so hard I wouldn't even hear a nostril calling my name... (shout out to my little sis :) )

and that is all.

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sarah said...

Yay for returning the jeans and ugly bra! I'm so happy for you! Even though it feels like a waste of money at the time, isn't it nice "getting rid of" your "big" clothes!

Yay Lisa!