Monday, May 16, 2005

The sociology of skittles

Someone brought in a large bag of Skittles today and put them in a big bowl right by my desk. So naturally I'm about to be sick from eating them. But this situation has caused me to think about them in a philosophical way. Well, somewhat. Here is my ranking of the colors/flavors, in order, and why:

1. purple - yummy grape soda flavor (grape crush-esque)
2. red - red is always good. (berry-licious)
3. orange - orange. very benign. nothing to get excited about, but not objectionable, either
4. yellow - GROSS - lemon pledge
5. green - GROSSER - toilet bowl cleaner/Pine Sol

And, the deep thought of the day is: why do Skittles market themselves as colors of the rainbow, yet there are no BLUE ones? Why would they have every color of the rainbow except blue? A co-worker suggested that "maybe they tasted weird"; but I say, yellow and green taste weird, and that didn't stop them...

It's interesting having the candy bowl in such close proximity. Besides making myself puke, it's an interesting study on who is eating the Skittles and how they go about it. For example, there are the "pickers." These are the people who pick through the bowl, picking out only the colors they like. I admit, it's tempting, but it's not really FAIR people. Next, you have the "pinchers". These folks pinch about 3-5 at a time and go back to their desks where they furtively eat them in a matter of seconds. Then they get up and come all the way back and pinch some more. Come ON, get serious! Finally, we have the "grabbers". Some might find these people annoying; they're the folks that show up in the kitchen at the first whiff of popcorn and fill up an entire bowl to take back when them, while others stand around and eat a handful at a time. It might appear that they're not so good at sharing. But I completely disagree. I think it's much less annoying to get what you really want the first time than to pussy-foot around and sneak back over and over again for a few at a time -- behaviour that is especially annoying if you're sitting BY THE BOWL, like me. So the "grabbers" make the most sense, in my opinion. They grab handfuls, sometimes even cupfuls, at a time. But at least they're honest.

How is it possible that it's only 2:00????? I hate Mondays. Especially gloomy Mondays where your pants were too tight to begin with and now you're puffed up with skittles and runny chicken salad from the sub-par deli down the street. SIGH.

That's all I got.


Crazy MomCat said...

You wouldn't like me then. I only pick out the reds, then the grapes. I might go back for the oranges if I was PMSing. I agree...never touch the greens or yellows. And, hey, what's wrong with blue--blueberries anyone? Maybe they ran out of blue dye #7 on opening day at the Skittles factory.

This was hysterical, by the way.

Babs said...

I immediately thought of you when I was grabbing some trail mix this morning. You should get a degree in munch-ology! :)