Thursday, May 12, 2005

iPod vs. Lawn

I am no longer in a work frenzy, and the horror is starting to wear off. I can tell because I'm starting to have original thoughts again that have nothing to do with technology.

Well, almost.

The ongoing iPod debate still rages, even after suffering a temporary setback yesterday evening. Remember my new lawn guy, who I love? Well he is so much more proactive than my old lawn guy that he came over yesterday and "aerated" my lawn and spread some kind of stinky fertilizer everywhere! Which is cool -- we talked about it before, we just hadn't really nailed down *when* to do it. So while it wasn't a shock, it wasn't $295 I was planning to spend yesterday. Sigh. But I guess it's the responsible home-owner thing to do, investing in my lawn. If I ever get around to selling my house, I suppose a live lawn would help with the curb appeal.... He said one of my neighbors came out and said "What is that stuff, it stinks." Which makes perfect sense, as these are the only people on the block with a worse-looking lawn than me. Then actually have a dandelion garden growing in their yard. Why would they recognize fertilizer??

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