Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lists lists and more lists

I am too brain-fried today to write anything other than silly lists. So here are some i've been working on:

Things that I really really want in no particular order:
1. an iPod
2. a condo in central Austin
3. another tomcat
4. a niece
5. a blazing-fast metabolism
6. good hair
7. self-motivation
8. a week of uninterrupted sleep
9. no more bills. ever.
10. two months paid vacation in Europe

I am not a picky eater. But here is a list of foods I hate:
1. anything rare
2. seafood (including sushi)
3. brussel sprouts
4. beets
5. any so-called “exotic” meats (anything other than beef, chicken or turkey, pretty much)
6. milk by itself
7. raisins
8. nuts in baked goods (ok by themselves)
9. cucumbers
10. turnips

States I have visited (* = lived in):
1. Alabama*
2. California
3. Colorado
4. Illinois
5. Kansas*
6. Kentucky
7. Louisiana
8. Mississippi
9. Missouri
10. Nevada
11. New Mexico
12. Oklahoma
13. Tennessee*
14. Texas*
15. Utah
16. Virginia

Countries I have visited:
1. Canada (Toronto)
2. England (London)
3. France (Paris, Lyon, Nice)
4. Germany (Kaiserslautern, Bavaria, Frankfurt)
5. Italy (Venice)
6. Spain (Barcelona)
7. Mexico (Nuevo Laredo)

That is all for now. My brain. It is dead.


Crazy MomCat said...

Wow. I am in AWE of your travels!

And, ditto on the brussel sprouts, man! I still have flashbacks to having to eat those as a small child. I pictured them as tiny little heads as I had to chew them up--which made me even more sick to my stomach. (And, now, makes you seriously wonder about my sanity, eh? HA!)

sarah said...

Cool. I was inspired by your list of lists to create my own. Check out my site if you're curious. You know where to find it. :)

Question of the day: Which new country do you want to visit next? As for me, I'm totally up for exploring Costa Rica.