Sunday, February 06, 2005

Top 10 reasons why I'm glad I didn't bail on the Addy's...

Ok, this is a special request from Babs ;) I did indeed go to the dreaded Addy's, and while I still have mixed feelings, I'm going to attempt to scrape up 10 reasons why I'm glad I went... so here goes:

1. I met the hot new contractor from work.
2. I finally spoke to the [other] cute new guy from work -- and found out he actually knew my name :O
3. The giant cookies were soft and yummy.
4. The mashed potatoes were excellent.
5. I saw people from my last ad job -- it was good to touch base again.
6. I bonded with my creative directors.
7. I said I would go and I did -- this is a huge commitment hurdle for me.
8. I got to steal samples of the Addy creative my company worked on.
9. I ate less than if I'd gone straight home and picked up food on the way.
and 10. I got to break out my black girdle, but this time when I fell asleep on the couch Jess did NOT discover the trampoline that was my belly.

I have to add the number 1 reason why I wish I HAD bailed: I ran into my ex and he looked cuter than I remembered.

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Crazy MomCat said...

Good for you! Glad you went. It sounds to me there were more positive things than negative ones. After all, mashed potatoes AND giant and soft cookies? MMMmmmm. (grin)