Friday, February 04, 2005

10 reasons to bail on the Addy's tonight

Tonight half of the agency where I work is attending the Austin Addy's, a local advertising awards show. So many people are going because we sponsored the Addy's this year and did all the creative work associated with it -- tickets, website, decor, posters, etc. It all looks really cool. Plus, because we made the slideshow that announces the winners throughout the night (no, there isn't even a real announcer -- it's on a slideshow -- because nobody pays attention to this anyway), we also know that we won 4 Addy's this year -- as opposed to 1 last year. A testament that our agency is growing and rocking.

So you might ask why I no longer feel like attending this festive event. Well, I'll tell you, with 3 hours till touchdown:

1. Don't be fooled -- "Addys" and "Grammys" and "Oscars" are not EVEN in the same class.
2. I don't feel like dressing up -- usually i'm all for an occasion to wear my black girdle, but this has been a crappy week and I'm really not in the mood, so to speak.
3. I am broke and forlorn -- this is due to the $200 I had to unexpectedly spend yesterday on two new tires and the $600 I had to unexpectedly spend this morning on getting my garage door fixed. (Yes Dad, it's FINALLY working).
4. There is a very good chance I will run into the guy I dated this time last year and haven't seen since -- and this year I weigh 20 pounds more. (How is that even POSSIBLE??)
5. I have had the same headache for 2 days now.
6. It is cold and gray and I want to just huddle under a blanket and watch the last 4 episodes of Sex and the City that I have on NetFlix.
7. I'm turning 35 in a week. Dear God, isn't this reason enough to stay home??
8. I get tired just thinking about all the mingling and smiling and networking to come.
9. It is Friday and I want to go home and play with my recently repaired garage door opener. I want to open and close it over. and over. and over. and over. and...
10. My hair looks like utter crap today. As usual.

So we'll see what happens... I haven't bailed YET... but i'm thinking about it VERY seriously... tune in for updates...

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Babs said...

Since I know you ended up going, can we see the top 10 reasons it was good/bad that you didn't bail? :D