Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Heart Disease 101

My dad's cathertization this morning indicated what they already suspected -- he has major arterial blockage that cannot be fixed with stents this time -- he needs bypass surgery. And fast. Probably tomorrow or Thursday, but I'm waiting to find out. He has three major blockages, any of which could cause a heart attack literally anytime -- so they want to preemptively operate, before more damage is done to the heart. My mom said there is a big "branched" artery on the back of his heart that is almost completely blocked; there is the large artery that runs down the front of the heart -- blocked. And a smaller blockage to one side of the heart -- the side that has not been treated before. So none of his previous stents have failed, his heart just keeps producing more gunk. Heart disease runs rampant in my family, unfortunately. And ironically, the relatives who have had heart attacks have been thin. What does that mean for me? It means I need to get my ass in shape. But that's for another post.

My dad is understandably glum at the thought of his chest being cracked open, but everyone I've talked to whose loved one has gone through this, the person has come out feeling 100% better and 10 years younger. So positive thoughts.

I will drive to SA when I know what the deal is, and I will update this blog again when I can. It would be great if you could send good energy/vibes/prayers in my family's general direction.

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Crazy MomCat said...

Boy, do I relate to a lot of what you're feeling. My Dad has heart disease and I'm walking around with a nice "apple-shaped" overweight body just stressed thinking about that I'm at risk too. We will have to talk about supporting one another in getting our butts in gear!

My prayers are with your Dad. Jimmy's Dad had stints put in and had a problem with the back artery blocking up. Even with the stints, he had other areas block up and needed more surgery. I will say that when he's come out of these surgeries, he has felt so much better and acts like he has a new lease on life.

Call if you need to talk and know that we're thinking about you always