Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cat love

I don't know if it's an insecurity thing or what, but ever since I left the kitties for a few days last week, Jess has been craving Kitty Crack (aka catnip) every day. Usually it's like a once-a-week thing; he tells me when he wants it, and I usually comply. I mean, it's not ILLEGAL or anything... But like I said, I leave them for a few days and he becomes a junkie. And he's taking Piper down the path of destruction with him, because she worships him and does whatever he does. Including eating whenever he eats, even when I can totally tell she's not even hungry. Luckily she's smarter than me and will usually stop eating in a few seconds when she realizes she's not really hungry. How 'bout that. Huh.

So I'm used to being kissed awake in various stages of the night to feed Jess. I can do that without really waking up, actually. Occasionally he tricks me and gets me up in the MIDDLE of the night, but usually he lets me sleep until a) my alarm goes off on a weekday or b) the sun comes up on a weekend. Have I mentioned how smart he is? Or is it crafty? Maybe manipulative? Oh, it doesn't matter, we're in love.

ANYWAY, the latest thing is now he not only wants catfood, but he wakes me up for catnip. And I think he's even more insistent when he's craving a fix than when he's merely hungry for pellets of dust. All this is leading up to a point: finally, this morning he started kissing and nuzzling on me the first time my alarm went off, which is a NO-NO. But he wouldn't let up, so I stumbled into the kitchen and saw that he had food -- then I realized he wasn't at the food dish, he was standing up against the cabinet where the catnip is. He was reaching for the catnip. He is very tall. A very long cat. So I shrugged my sleepy shoulders and gave him and Peeps a pinch of the good stuff. Went back to bed for about 30 more minutes. When I woke up again, he was back on my head, where he sleeps, but now he was purring MUCH louder than before, and it was a contented, relaxed purr rather than a "normal" run-of-the-mill purr. Awww, how sweet, right? I sat up and realized then WTF?, it couldn't be...but it was........DROOL. Jess was so stoned he drooled into my ear. Enough that it pooled and trickled down my cheek when I sat up.

Now you know I adore the gray man. But this was a little above and beyond, I think. It set me off-kilter for the day and I have been mildly disturbed ever since then. Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble writing this RIVETING ARTICLE on MOBILE TECHNOLOGY!!!!

That is all. Any weird pet stories you care to share?

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