Friday, June 09, 2006

You know you're an insomniac when...

1. You are always awake for the emergency broadcasting system test -- it always interrupts NYPD Blue.
2. You don't even consider sleeping until about 3am.
3. It feels perfectly normal to do laundry and clean at 1am.
4. You eat lunch at 4pm and dinner at 11pm.
5. You are a leeetle too excited when you find another friend awake and on IM at 3am. And you chat online for an hour. About how you can't sleep.
6. You can now adeptly hop around on the TV and find something to watch all the way until dawn. With no lulls.
7. The cats go down for the night way before you do. And they get annoyed when you come to bed later and bother them.
8. Your cat nudges you awake at noon to refill his food bowl. And you're pissed at him.
9. You've done some of your best organizing after midnight.
10. You're averaging 3-4 books a week. But if someone asks what a book is about, you can't really remember.


Hope said...

Nice. I remember those days when I was unemployed, the night can be fun :)

Becky said...

um, are you stalking me? because this post hits a bit too close to home...