Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stick a fork in me...

...because I am DONE.

I’m calling "mercy" to the Universe.

Do you hear me, UNIVERSE??? Let's have a little MERCY!!!

I am so fucking fed up with where I am. And where exactly am I? I am in TEXAS where it feels like 90 degrees outside right at this moment, which is nearing 1:00 a.m., I might add. Where it is so humid I could swim out there, if only I knew how. I am done with piles of teetering boxes in my garage and trying to eek myself around my big dirty car out there without getting dirt on my clothes. I am finished with stupid car warranties that ended exactly one month ago and one thousand miles ago, though my car is messed up today, not ONE MONTH AGO. I am sick of jobs that solicit resumes and kiss-ass cover letters only to never respond at all. You can shove your “you should hear something next week”’s where the Texas sun don’t shine. That’s NOWHERE, for those of you non-natives.

I am finished. Finito. I think I am going to put all my shit in storage and get the hell outta Dodge before I kick Dodge’s ass beyond all recognition*.

So consider me halfway out the door, people. Right after I pay out the ass to get my car fixed, finish the lame contract I’m working on, and fire off a couple more “just checking in” emails.

Then I’m sooooo calling the Pod people.

*Because you know, I’d like Dodge to still be around later if I should ever change my mind. A girl's gotta have options.


Hope said...

My car died too!!! They must have been in cahoots.

Good luck :)

Nicole said...

Take a deeeeeep breeeeaaaath, sistah. You never know what tomorrow may bring ;-)

Becky said...

um, as a native texan, i am deeply saddened by your frustration and your determination to take it out on the one place that i would like to be right now...

nahh, it's cool. i understand. it does get crazy hot there. and the humidity just hangs in the air. it really is awful.

but that's why there's a/c.