Saturday, June 10, 2006


Oh yeah, we're a regular reptile house over here. So you know my cats like to capture/maul lizards. I'd say I rescue 2-3 a week. From INSIDE my house. But I've always kinda liked lizards, so it's not a crisis (well, at least not for me -- I suppose it is for the hapless lizard...).

However. This morning I stumbled into my kitchen, all barefoot and pajama'd and vulnerable and shit, and just looky at what I found in the Middle. of. My. Kitchen. Floor.

Oh yeah. Now i'm not phobic about snakes like I am about spiders, but still, a dead snake. Ewww. So what do I do? Well first, I snap photos. Duh. Then I decide to be a drama queen and consult a couple of friends before acting. We chat and horrify and postulate and gross out for about 20 minutes. In a somewhat better mood, I saunter back into the kitchen to somehow get the snake out, and...wait for it......keep waiting...... IT'S GONE.

The snake. It is not dead.

The snake, the one I put my face right up to as I inspected it, that snake? Alive and well. Mobile, in fact. Upon reflection, I thought it looked kinda juicy for a dead snake, but what do I know? Lesson learned: Trust your instincts, people.

Of course the first thing I had to do was call my friends back and shriek that the Snake, It Is ALIVE!!

Finally, I was alone with my LOSER cats and a fugitive reptile. It could be anywhere in my house. It could die under my fridge, right as I put my house on the market. Not good.

However, I think I may have a pretty good idea where it is hiding for now...

Updates to come. Believe me.

Oh, and the cats? They are sooooo grounded.


Crazy MomCat said...

OH, Crap, LISA! Is it under your washer/dryer? Not to alarm you, but sometimes they come IN through a dryer vent. Check the outside of your house where the dryer vents out and make sure the little plastic flaps are covering the area. It could have come in through which case, the kitties have been falsely accused and need to be treated royally for the next week for standing faithful guard for you. Hehehehe.

There's only one way to make sure a snake is dead. OFF WITH ITS' HEAD! I know that's gross, and even grosser is that they'll still move around after that. But, my Dad always did the choppy choppy to make sure!

sarah said...

OMFG Lisa. That image makes my skin crawl. Good thing you're not afraid of reptiles because I would be standing on my kitchen counter shrieking and trying to figure out how hard it would be to move around my house with out stepping on the floor. GOD that scares the crap outta me.
Now about spiders? I just get a show and squish'em. No biggie. To each her own (neurosis that is).

Babs said...

UGH. That picture gives me the willies! I'm with Sarah... I don't think I could stand to be in the house, knowing that thing was in there!

Nicole said...

I'm impressed! I thought you were talking about a baby grass snake...but that is a good sized snake! I'm proud of you for not freaking out too much!

Hope said...

Once I found out it was alive, I would have packed up the cats and moved. RIGHT THEN. That's crazy!

Tamara said...

Holy crap, Lisa, that thing is huge. I cannot believe that. OMG, I am freaked out.