Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My theory is proven once more

And my theory is this: If you want something to happen, a phone call to come, an email, whatever, you must Not. Be. Home. You can sit in your house day after day and compulsively check your email a hundred times an hour, but until you get dressed and get the hell out of dodge, that email ain't comin'.

So. I went to "work" today. I usually try to do the work at home, but I hired some window-cleaning people to come clean my windows inside and out (more "getting the house ready to show" stuff) and I didn't want to be here. I was gone for all of 4 hours, but that's longer than I usually spend at "the office." So I come home, eat, watch tv, and eventually walk into my office where my phone light is urgently blinking on and off, on and off as if to say 'You have a message, dumbass.' This is all notable because usually the first thing I do when I get home is check email and voicemail, but for some reason today I just...didn't. Imagine my delight when it was the Mystery Job in Denver calling to update me on the job status and forewarn of upcoming freelance work?? I was so happy that I immediately called the woman back without even swallowing apparently, because when she said "hello" all that came out of my mouth was a croak. Classsy. Anyway, it was all good. Basically, still no definites on when a FT position will be open, but they have me in their sights for when it happens. So before I get crazy and accept one of the hundreds of job offers pouring in daily right here in Austin, I am supposed to let her know so maybe she can "light a fire" under the right people. Ok, cool. I am picking up a few freelance gigs right now anyway, so I can go with the flow for a while. And my old boss, who would be my new boss at the Mystery Job in Denver, is getting projects ready to hand off to me. So, yay!!

After that peak, I just cruised for the rest of the day, alternately reading a book for hours on end and filling out "sell your house" paperwork from the realtor.

Oh, and when i finally got around to checking my email, the Mystery Job in Denver had also sent me an email imploring me to call them. Like, they really really wanted to get in touch with me. And none of this would have happened had I "worked from home" today. So, yay for leaving the house!

that is all.

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