Friday, May 12, 2006


Just, yes. I thought I'd anticipate the questions you might have -- am I doing ok? am I indeed alive? does Jess still sleep on my head? did you miss me terribly?

So I've been pretty low-profile lately, but I have a reason, yes! I have been Travelin' Lisa. It all started last weekend with a trip to Dallas to attend my friend Sarah's wedding. Which was loverly, I might add. Then, inspired by the refreshing-ness of being away from my house, and tired of compulsively checking email and waiting for the phone to ring, I skipped town again on Tuesday to visit two dear friends in Houston. Two dear friends I've been wanting to visit for a looonnnggg time, but for one reason or another, just hadn't made it down there. And of course, the first day I was gone, I received a phone call about setting up an interview on Friday. And I wasn't planning on returning til Saturday. You know the way it goes -- but I'm certainly not complaining about getting an interview!

Besides, the interview was today and it was very intriguing. I left feeling a little excited, a little overwhelmed, but mostly, a little hopeful. So we'll see what happens there -- the CEO said I'd hear "something" on Monday...which is when, incidentally, I have aNOTHER interview somewhere else! Yes people, when it rains it pours. And here is something very important I've learned over the past few days: If you are waiting for something to happen, leave town. It's an offshoot of the "watched pot never boils" theory. Take it from me, it works.

I had lovely, albeit short, visits with my friends and got to meet their most recent chilluns. Muffins, I say! Each of them has had a little girl most recently, and you know, little dresses and pigtails and all that -- MUFFINS. I want to go back again soon to finish my visit with Crazy Momcat, since it got cut short on account of the stupid JOB interview... mutter mutter mutter... haha, just kidding. Job = Good.

Besides all of the above, nothing earth-shattering is going on. I'm back at home, it's trashed and smells like cats, and it looks like I'm leaving tomorrow for an overnight Mother's Day trip to San Antonio. Yes, I'm the Travelin' Lisa. (isn't that a band or something? no? it should be...can you sing?)


Crazy MomCat said...

Well, Travelin' on back my way anytime! And, if you don't, well that means I'll just be traveling your way soon!


Nicole said...

I know you smoked the interviews! They'll be fighting over you. You better call when you get back from SA and tell me what happened!

alysia said...

Just now catching up on the blog....I am thinking you need to visit soon, unless you want the 4 of us - PACKAGE DEAL... Still remembering good times, including the Mother's Day tea....