Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Live Blog: American Idol Season Finale, Part 1

OMG, WTF is this??? American Idol does ELEVATOR MUZAK????

It is an hour and thirty-three minutes into the season finale and I am about to scream -- only about 5 minutes of the last 93 have been worth watching. Other observations:

- so. do you think clay aiken is gay? is that what they were trying to say ever so subtly??
- was it me or were taylor and katharine underwhelmed at their brand new shiny mustangs? I almost expected kat to say "...but my daddy only lets me drive japanese cars..."
-seriously, who's idea was it to feature elevator music on the season finale??
-what happened to poor Elliot when he was singing "with" Mary J. Blige? Was it me, or did she kind of swoop in and take over the whole song, drowning him out and even doing a breathy "thank you, thank ya" at the end of the song? weird.
-I love Mandisa. I really do. But she should not wear bright red. That's all I'm saying.
-Taylor is H.O.T.
-I didn't realize how much I didn't miss Ace until he came back.

to be contd....

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Nicole said...

We noticed the same things! Dane thinks Toni B was high. Whacked on crack. It was weird like they were dubbing in her voice or something. And she did take over. Poor Elliot.

I also thought Kat/T could have looked a little more excited about the cars. But I guess that's a drop in the bucket to them now.

I do think Clay is gay. It was pretty cool how they surprised his look-alike guy. I actually really liked the whole show. I thought the awards they gave out and the Puck & Pickler things were pretty funny.

What am I going to do until next spring??????