Friday, May 19, 2006

Just another day of lizard-avenging and anti-aging skincare

Yes, so just now I rescued yet another lizard from literally the jaws of death. Piper's jaws, to be specific. Fortunately it looks like I got him before she maimed or punctured him, although the poor thing was heaving like he was having a heart attack. He was an icky brown color when I pulled him away from her, but when I set him outside under the bushes he turned back to a brilliant green, caught his little lizard breath, and scurried off. And the cats are grounded to the indoors for the rest of the afternoon. So, crisis averted. I wonder if Colorado has lizards? Hmmm... and I wonder this because...well, you just never know what's around the corner...[mysterious eyebrow wiggle]

I accepted a freelance gig yesterday that requires me to do writing for a high-end skincare website. A name brand that I am familiar with, that I admire, and that I cannot afford. I almost cackled with glee when they told me the client name, I feel like I've hit my marketing nirvana. Then next week, I'll start freelancing for the company in Denver for which I have been pining. It's all looking and feeling pretty good on this Friday afternoon, and it's about damn time. This time last week I was just not sure at all what I was doing or what I even wanted to do.

I feel like I should have some great weekend plans to top it all off, but I don't have anything planned yet except to madly get my house in order - again. I kind of got unmotivated and left the projects in the dust a month or so ago, but now I need to get moving again....

that is all. for now. check back in 10 minutes or so, the way things have been going, who knows...

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Crazy MomCat said...

Holy, cow is that the perfect job for you or what? OK, you MUST divulge which line. you simply MUST! And, when you find out their trade secrets, and what grocery store brand is the exact same line at less than half the price, well you have to share that too.

Oh, and they don't have lizard in CO. So, you'd better not think of moving there or anything. Wink