Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wile E. Coyote

I know I just recently posted an entry (as in, a couple of hours ago), but I keep mulling over and chuckling about this story I heard today at work. So a bunch of my co-workers had to come in on Sunday to get an ad campaign ready to pitch today. My boss, who we'll call Bob, parked his car in the parking garage, grabbed his laptop and bag and trudged to the entrance of our building. As he described it, he then stepped into a 3-foot-deep hole and busted ass. Apparently, some kids had partied at our building over the weekend (it's sort of secluded), as evidenced by random beer bottles and other trash laying around. These partying, drunk "kids" thought it would be funny to set a trap a la Wile E. Coyote. They removed one of the SEWER GRATES in the center of our parking garage and used the indoor-outdoor carpet from our foyer to cover the 3-foot-deep hole. And Bob stepped in it and hurt his back. And got severely pissed, as anyone would have. For crying out loud, he had to work on the weekend AND he falls into a hole?? I hear the police were dispatched and Columbo took fingerprints off the beer bottles and such -- Bob isn't beyond suing someone's ass off if they figure out who it was -- but they probably won't.

So I know it's not funny, it's horrid. But I can't get the image (that Bob painted for me, actually) of the Roadrunner carefully removing the sewer grate and setting the trap. As my friend Babs said, good thing it wasn't me who stepped in the hole, because no doubt I would have probably broken, not just sprained, something. I don't have a good track record as far as stepping in holes, falling down stairs, bumping into walls...but that's for another time. I'm sincerely glad Bob is okay and it's just another story to add to our workplace lore.

I love my job.

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