Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is that really the best I can do??

I posted earlier that it was a bad food day for me today. In fact, an abysmal, grim food day. That's why I decided to order a pizza for dinner -- I mean WTF, the day, no the WEEK, is shot anyway... But I digress. So I get said pizza and am curled up on my couch under my down blanket, with Jess sitting on my hip and staring at my pizza. I'm watching something riveting on tv, I think it was "Without a Trace" but I might have the timeline wrong. I'm sitting there, it's about 8, and someone knocks on my door. I'm thinking, well, the pizza guy is long gone; all my friends know to call first; could it be...NO, that's a ridiculous thought, it's not HIM. Intrigued, I went to the door and opened it (thank God my mom doesn't read this blog, she'd be up here in a second with her pepper spray) and saw two shapes on my porch -- my porchlight has been broken for a year, the pizza men love trying to find my house and I love unexpected guests at night who I can't see -- BUT I DIGRESS... As soon as I realized I didn't know them, my body went into shut-down-the-salesperson mode. The girl was like "I'm sorry to bother you [but she did it anyway, didn't she?], but I'm jkl;jkl; and this is jkl;jkl;fdas" -- at which point jkl;jkl;fdas stuck out his hand to me as if I would shake it with pizza still on my fingers. You have to understand that all of this transpired in under 30 seconds. I interrupted, really irritated at this point, and said, and this is rich, "I'm right in the middle of something, but thanks." and shut the door. Headed back to my couch. Settled in. Then I realized that there are windows on either side of my front door, and at night one can see right into my living room, and there's no way those people didn't see me being lazy, eating pizza, watching tv -- and I said "I'm right in the middle of something". Brilliant. I'm a hot rod.

But then again, why do I care what two strangers interrupting my pizza binge and tv-watching spree think about me? They were probably from a church handing out fliers for the singles group -- in which case I am going straight to hell.

Before I can eat anything else, i'm going to bed.

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