Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Truly terrible

There is a new mom here at work -- I guess she's been back about 3 weeks now -- who has to pump her breastmilk at least twice every day. So there's this whole contraption that looks like a gym bag, and she just stows it in the bathroom on our little bench. No problem.

Well just now, I went in there while she was actually in a stall pumping -- and for one second I really thought I was going to TRIP OVER THE CORD stretching from the wall by the sink into her stall. And I got this horrid mental image of what that would do to a boob...girls, I can't even imagine, but i'm thinking it would be awful.

Well I didn't trip. But I was vewwy, vewwy careful after that. It also sucks (ha) that the only private place to pump around here is the bathroom.... I feel for all new moms, I really do. I would totally offer her my office -- if I didn't have a cube.

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Crazy MomCat said...

Because of your topic, you have got to read my new favorite blog to peruse...


Read the past few days for this poor mom. Her pictures are HILARIOUS. She lives in Houston. I swear, I want to meet her because we definitely have the same sense of humor!