Monday, January 24, 2005

There should be no limits to beauty

My friend Steph has a cool list on her blog today, so I am inspired to do one as well. I have decided to list my Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products of the Moment. For those of you who don't know, I am somewhat of a beauty product whore. That is, I love trying new things and can survive with no less than 9 shower gels in my shower at a less than 10 lotions in my bedside less than 6-7 lipsticks in my purse... etc etc, you get the idea. SO I was going to do a Top Five list, but could not narrow it down. So if you are the slightest bit interested in beauty products, here are some recommendations. (If you're really interested in this type of thing, check out for product reviews, message boards and beauty product swapping -- it's all very exciting.) So:

Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products of the Moment (in no particular order)

1. Origins Cocoa Therapy Deeply Nourishing Body Butter -- the texture of this is amazing and it smells like tootsie rolls or brownies -- I can barely keep myself from licking it right out of the tub. (

2. Philosophy 3-in-1 in "Cinnamon Buns" -- this line has tons of yummy flavors in their "3-in-1" formula -- meaning, it can be used as a body wash, bubble bath, or shampoo/conditioner. I generally don't recommend it for use in hair, just because. But these produce foam to die for and make your showers extra yummy. Other flavors to check out: Hot Cocoa; Strawberry Milkshake; Chocolate Chip Cookie. (

3. Urban Decay Lip Gunk in "Paranoid" -- This lipgloss is the perfect color for that natural look - if your lips are horribly unpigmented, like mine. Seriously, if i'm not wearing lipstick, i have no lips. This is a great "YLBB" color (your lips but better -- don't laugh) and the formula stays on forever and ever and is not sticky like some glosses. Also smells great. (

4. LUSH Sympathy for the Skin body lotion -- A must-have body lotion. Texture is not as thick as a body butter, more like yogurt. Goes on smooth, sinks in immediately, and smells very comforting -- a mix of vanilla and something else. (

5. Bathsweets Foaming Sugar Scrubs -- I have these in several flavors and LOVE them. It's just what it says -- a sugar scrub that you use in the shower, but it contains bubbling soap so that it foams up and makes you slippery and shiny too. I use this a couple times a week -- I scrub it on with my hands, a limb at a time -- wax on, wax off! Flavors to try: Brown Sugar; Pink Sugar; Pineapple Upside Down Cake. (

6. Mac Lipstick in "Luxe" -- but I really love all their colors that I've tried so far. These are creamy, stay on for a long time, and smell nice too. This color is my everyday color that goes with everything. (

7. Stila Eyeshadow Mousse Pots -- a mousse-textured e/s that you can swipe on lightly for a sheer look or layer for a more intense look. These are new and lovely. I have one in "Iris" and am wanting more! I know this is silly, but the packaging is also SO adorable :-) (

8. LUSH French Kiss bubble bar -- Another LUSH favorite. This particular one is shaped like a big hershey's kiss, is purple/white swirled, and smells like lavendar. VERY soothing for bedtime, and each bubble bar is good for at least 2 baths, depending on the size of your tub. Loads of creamy bubbles and luxurious scent that subtly sticks with you for hours afterwards. (

9. Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolce line - Cinnamon Frosting Moisturizing Body Souffle -- OMG. This is to DIE for. The texture is a creamy mix between butter and yogurt. It doesn't smell like cinnamon frosting, but it smells delicious. Not sticky, very moisturizing, and it comes in a beautiful glass jar that looks so pretty on my nightstand. I have also tried the Tutti Dolce body washes and have been very impressed. Other flavors to try: Creme Brulee; Chocolate Fondue; Lemon Merengue (sp).

10. TiGi Bedhead "Hardhead" Hairspray -- this is magic. It's an aerosol spray that doesn't stink, lasts forever, and actually holds your hair without looking like you're wearing hairspray. I know, I didn't believe it either -- until I tried it. Magnificent.

There you go. If anyone is actually interested in these types of beauty tips, plmk and I can post more -- but I know not everyone is obsessed like I am :-)


Crazy MomCat said...

Awww...thanks for mentioning me! I'll have to check these out.

Hey, also, do you have a recommendation for an anti-wrinkle/spf cream for your face? I need something not too oily. Any ideas?

Babs said...

item #11: Beauty Blotters! :-)

Lisabell said...

Babs -- YES, Beauty Blotters are a MUST HAVE for shiny happy girls! By Clean & Clear, available anywhere, basically.

Steph -- I personally really like Origins; I use their "Night-a-Mins" night cream and "Have a Nice Day" day cream (w/SPF) -- these are also both available in lotion form, for the summer...but I'm finding that I pretty much need the cream year 'round these days...sigh... ;-)

Crazy MomCat said...

Thanks for the tips!