Monday, January 03, 2005

Kitty Einstein

I woke up this morning hungry, for the first time in about 5 days – I’ve been sickly, drugged out on cough meds, and haven’t wanted to eat anything. So I was surprised and somewhat pleased that I was hungry today. ANYWAY, before I lost my resolve and went back to sleep, I rolled out of bed, pulled on some jeans, and sleepwalked into my living room, grabbing my purse and my k--- wait. My keys were not where they always are. WTF?? I hadn’t left the house in 2 days—since NY Eve. Nice. My keys could be anywhere. I flipped on the overhead light and started searching in earnest for my keys, even opening the door in a moment of panic that I’d left them hanging in the door for days. They weren’t there. Finally, Piper, my youngest kitty, sort of cleared her throat to get my attention – she had been perched on the lamp table next to my couch, watching while I shuffled around the room looking under papers and Kleenex and other gross stuff. I was like “WHERE ARE MY KEYS???” and with that, she casually batted them off the lamp table and onto the floor in front of me. She then smiled and swished her tail. I swear to God she smiled. It was very deliberate. I stared at her for about 2 seconds, then said “Thank you,” grabbed my keys and left to buy donuts. Yes, donuts. That’s what I wanted after not eating for days. I know, and then I slept all day. But you’re missing the point – my kitty Piper — she’s a genius!

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