Sunday, March 04, 2007

i got nothin'.

Seriously. i'm actually really wanting to update my blog, but i have nothing. to. write. about. no kidding. i have been working a lot, blahblahblah. freelancing some. buying winter clothes on clearance. um. there's just nothing to report, guys.

i talk to people on the phone and they say "what's new? haven't talked to you in weeks!" and i have to say that nothing is new. no new developments. just enjoying my lovesac, the fireplace, and looking at the mountains. that's it. it doesn't seem like enough and i feel like i should be striving to make my life more ... something. but i'm content right now. and content is not a bad thing.

i have pretty much decided not to meet the boy who wants to meet me because no matter what i do, no matter how much encouragement i get from friends, i just. don't. care. and i don't want to fake it. the thought of getting gussied up only to be sized up just makes my fingernails curl right now. don't wanna do it. i'm really enjoying my weekend of csi miami, the shield, and catnaps in front of the fire -- why muck up a good thing??

so there you go. nada. nothing. zip. zero.

i will try and make something interesting happen in the next few days, i really will. but don't hold your breath. seriously...

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