Wednesday, February 28, 2007

radical measures.

I woke up at 3:11am sprawled on my couch, TV blaring an infomercial, and all the lights on. Damn. I removed the giant cat from my head, struggled to my feet, and blearily stumbled into the kitchen to a) feed said giant cat so he wouldn't start bugging me for at least a couple of hours, and b) hydrate myself. Then, flipping off appliances and lights on my way, I made my way into my bedroom where I plugged in my phone to charge, washed my face, and almost tripped on another cat as I climbed into bed. I applied moisturizer to my face, then my feet, then my lips (not the same moisturizer, of course) then reached for the remote control so I could turn on the weather channel really quick and see if the predicted storm had moved into the area yet. Because as much as I griped a couple months ago about being cooped up in my apt. for days at a time due to blizzard conditions, I was now more than ready for a freaking snow day. But...the remote wasn't there. Nor was it under the covers, where I usually find it, or under the gigantic [grumpy] cat who had settled in next to me on the bed. Crap. Where was it?? I scanned my messy bedside table, then sighed and got out of bed to kneel down and see if it was somehow under the bed, then under the bedside table, then behind the bedside table, then...a crazy idea popped into my head. I paused for a moment, considering. Then, full of newfound inspiration, I shuffled to the bedroom window, opened the blinds, and looked out.

No snow.


Nicole said...

Ha ha. I thought you were going to say you thought to turn the tv on without the remote!

It's snowing now!!!!

Lisabell said...

Sadly, it didn't even occur to me to turn on the tv w/out the remote....