Wednesday, March 07, 2007

dangerous mind

My disjointed, sleep-deprived thoughts right now:

- G. must not be gone for the day; her shoes are still here.
- It’s official: I cannot get a buzz in Colorado. It’s all or nothing.
- Why the hell is there nutritional information on McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese packaging??? WTF? Way to ruin a girl’s quickie lunch…

Also: it’s catastrophic when the server at work goes down. In case anyone was wondering. That’s why I’m actually blogging. Because I can’t send e-mails. Or surf. Or look up a word online (what? you want me to use a “paper” dictionary?? Do we even have one of those?…) I can’t obsessively check Tyler Durden to see if Britney’s done anything stupid today; can’t check the weather forecast, or cheap airfares, or all the other work-related sites I regularly visit. um. Anyway, with the server down, all my procrastination techniques are thwarted, except for the small irony that I CAN’T WORK, EITHER. Thank you, server. Thank you.

This afternoon I will finally enjoy a perk of my job I have not yet taken advantage of: free massage. See, there’s a massage school on the first floor of our building, and every couple of weeks they’ll send out mass emails to other tenants offering free massages so their students can practice. I’m not ashamed to be used, nuh uh. Especially since I paid $75 for the Worst. Massage. Evah. last week, and am still reeling from the disappointment. Free is good. No massage can be bad when it’s free.

So it’s been 45 minutes now with no server. Am realizing that this is what it was like back in the caveman days (no offense, caveman), before the Internet. I’m remembering now, it’s all coming back to me…. ugh.


Hope said...

Paper dictionaries are like regular phone books, you don't need them and they just take up space because everything is online. When my dad visits he always ends up asking me for one or the other. I hand him my laptop and say 'here's everything you ever needed'.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I don't know what I'd do without the internet either.

But I have a question: Who is G?

Lisabell said...

"G" is my friend from work :)