Tuesday, January 10, 2006

useless rant that used up more energy than it was worth to even have the thoughts in the first place

Rant ahead:

Today is one of those days when I've been so crazy busy that I've needed frequent brain breaks in order to keep going. Have you ever felt like on the entire Internet, there's just nothing out there for you anymore? Like you've seen everything interesting, read every blog, all the news, you're up on the weather, you're done shopping? It is so frustrating for me when this occurs because really, that's the only brain break I can think of these days. See, my brain clearly needs a break. And what does it mean when the only entertainment I can fathom is staring at my computer even longer than I am required? WTF? But if I'm not upright looking at a computer, I will be horizontal, snoring on my couch and fucking up my sleep pattern for at least another week. I am dead tired. But it's the twitchy kind of exhausted, where you can't just relax and…well…relax. You're still wound up so tightly that it might be weeks before you calm down. You're bone-tired but you need help to get to sleep at night. However, you would have no problem whatsoever with crawling under your desk at any given time during the day and sleeping for hours.

So that's where I am right now. No, NOT under my desk, silly, but bone tired and unable to relax. I can no longer remember the last time I went to lunch or did anything social, for that matter. And? And? I have another brilliantly timed freelance deadline this Friday. Yes, three days from now. And I have not even begun to think about that project because people, there is simply no space left in my brain.

Rant complete.

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