Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Real-Life Eve

sucks. So today was my last day of freedom, and I was going to go to bed early so I can wake up early and be uber-productive at work tomorrow (after I get there ON TIME)... and I just looked at the time and it's already after 1am. I am so. screwed.

I'm wide awake, just as I knew deep down I would be. The key to getting through this (very busy) week is going to be NOT collapsing upon entering my house after work every day. The only bright thing is it's a 4-day week, so the torture will be relatively short.

I did, however, leave the house today. Close your gaping jaw, you're embarrassing me. I went to the mall, which I had been dreading. And it really wasn't that bad. Bad as in crowded. I caught a few sales and then hit Target, buying a few essentials like, oh i dunno, toilet paper, and headed home, exhausted from my long adventure. Long as in 3 hours.

Tomorrow is going to suck, isn't it.

Well I lied when I said I'd have something interesting to post "next time". Sorry. The only thing I've got is a nephew story via my sistah. She said the other night, her hubbie was trying to get Claytie (#2) to brush his teeth before bedtime. After a long struggle, D picked my flailing nephew up in some sort of quasi-wrestling hold and said "Son, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way -- but you ARE going to brush your teeth." To which my adorable 3-year-old nephew furrowed his brow and snarled "Then let's do it the HARD WAY."

That's my boy.

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