Monday, January 16, 2006


Hello. My name is Lisa and I'm a stressaholic. THERE, I said it. But it has been baaaad, if you didn't get that from my last post. It has been so bad that this weekend I started to freak out about my taxes; I started thinking, oh no, I have received not ONE SINGLE tax form yet and the deadline is in THREE MONTHS, and...and...wait. It's only the 3rd week in January. I've only been back from the holidays for two weeks. OMG. Is that even possible?? How did this happen, this gross error in time-estimation???

In any event, I'm coming down off the big spin. I had a "normal" weekend this weekend, meaning I relaxed more than I have in weeks and even did some fun, social things. AND, today? I went to lunch. Yes, I did. Haven't done that since...before the holidays?

So I am back and ready to blog again. I am starting to once more have bloggable thoughts, thoughts that are not necessarily related to work. Yay! So, what's been going on? Anyone have any news? The most news I've got at this point isn't even mine, really; but my sister had a worse week than I did last week. Her husband had pneumonia, one of the kids had croup, and to top it all off with cream-cheese icing, the baby (well, 18 mos. old now) fell off the bed and re-fractured the same wrist as last summer -- so he's back in a cast for another two months. Yippee! I hear having a toddler in a cast ROCKS!!! Just kidding. It so does not rock. I'm sorry, sistah -- I hope this week will be better for everyone. Poor little Cooper and his bright green cast.

In other news, tomorrow I am getting my cat ashes. I feel odd about it. I guess I'm apprehensive because um, what does one do with one's cat ashes? I've never had this dilemma before. A co-worker of mine has admitted to having a row of boxes full of his various pet ashes; each box is carefully labeled w/the pet's name and a photograph. For some reason, this seems a little ... much. I mean, where on earth should I put the little box? It's not like I think Megs is still WITH her ashes in the box, it's more that I didn't want her body just discarded with so many others. It just seemed wrong. So did burying her in the backyard. Too "Pet Semetary". Anyway, if you have any ideas, let's hear it... in any event, I'm glad she'll be back home. Gosh, that sounded weird, too.

Ok. Well that's it. Just wanted to say I'm back and hopefully I'll be more diligent about keeping in touch this week. I will certainly try, at least.


hope said...

Hi there,

I found your site when you commented on Debaucherous and Dishevelled. You're comment reminded me a lot of how I acted and didn't realize it until it was too late.

I have to identify with you about the taxes. Ever since January 1st I've been checking the mailbox for my forms. Not sure why I feel the need to get them taken care of right now though.

As for your cat's ashes, I've heard of people scattering them around a tree in the backyard. Or taking them to a special place to scatter them so you can visit whenever you'd like - some place peaceful.

Crazy MomCat said...

When I was growing up, all pets who passed on were taken to our family's ranch land out in the country near my hometown. There was something comforting to me abou that, even though I have no clue where they were buried or anything.

Do what feels right to you, Lis. That's what is most important. Hope the stress lets up soon!