Friday, January 06, 2006

PTSD (that's post traumatic stress disorder for you "normal" people out there)

Oh man. I was so right about work this week. And it's not over yet. There's still the weekend. But -- I survived, and am less stressed now than I was 5 days ago, for whatever that's worth.

There were so many times this past week that I've thought to myself "I need to blog about that" -- but of course now that I'm sitting at my computer, my mind is completely blank. Suffice it to say that work has been challenging. And I've been tired. Coming off Christmas vacation is a bitch. This was the longest 4-day workweek in the history of the world.

Anyway. Aside from work, I've done.........hmmm. grocery shopping? BT? laundry? do any of those things really count?

I'm actually sitting at my desktop computer (GASP) for the first time in a long time, because I realized last week that I was getting a crick in my neck from surfing on the couch w/my laptop. Who knew. As I type this, Jess is sitting right in front of me staring at me, his gray leather nose and abundant whiskers about 2 inches from my face. And in the background I can hear some documentary about Bigfoot on TV -- yes this is what I've been reduced to -- Bigfoot on a Friday night. Oh well. What I don't get is I heard (ok, ok, SAW) this guy living in the Everglades who claims to be "protecting" Bigfeet(?) (although he called them something else I can't recall -- swamp something?). Anyway, he sits in this deer blind kinda thing and watches through binoculars 24x7, "protecting" Bigfoot. So they can "continue to live in this area for a long time" -- and I'm thinking,'ve never, I dunno, SEEN ONE? Do they NEED protection? If there's no concrete proof that they even exist? Don't get me wrong, I believe -- oh, I believe. I'm just sayin...

On that note I really need to end the agony and just go to bed. More this weekend, hopefully -- maybe some of the witty and interesting blog topics I've been thinking of all week will come back to me. We can hope.

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