Monday, August 07, 2006

paralyzed on moving day

oh, the irony.

it is actually pre-dawn and i am awake because i totally zonked out on the couch around 11 last night and didn't wake up until about an hour ago. good times. i am now scrambling to get stuff done before the packers arrive. it seems simple enough: I should just make a little pile of stuff they can't pack, and they can just go at it w/everything else. um, not so easy. the "little" pile keeps growing. the cats are getting suspicious. i'm still bone-tired, and i don't see napping in my future today. i see panic and anti-anxiety meds. and... Babs! Yay for Babs! she is coming to hang out with me on this stressful day. i seem to function better with someone standing over me, motivating me (ordering me) to do stuff. my dad will arrive tonight to take over the task.

so when i zonked on the couch last night, i did it with every light on in the house and the tv too. i awoke to nightmares of that economics class I failed in college, the one i just stopped going to because it was so over my head the professor made charlie brown's teacher sound succinct. turns out i was dreaming about this because what had been the E channel when I fell asleep had for some reason morphed into some kind of news commentary show and there was some boring guy talking about -- you got it -- economics.

i'm already sweating -- i've left the computer a couple of times to take out the trash, drag stuff to the curb, rearrange things in my garage... today is going to suck, did i mention that already???

it's not even 7:30 am and i'm sweating. it's already warmer outside now than it will be all day in the land of mountains and new apartments ;) just a few more days.. if i can only last a few more days..........

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Hope said...

Hang in there, you're almost through all the crazieness.

I usually have a good sit on the floor, crying in desperation breakdown on moving day. It's kind of a tradition I embrace now.