Friday, August 11, 2006

Can I hear a "woooo-hoooooo"?

So I made it, pretty much. I’m sitting in my dark, empty apartment typing this on my laptop, which is ingeniously perched on a box. I found out today that my furniture will not arrive until at least next Saturday. I have no clothes for work. I bought a cheap chair at Walmart just so I’d have something to sit on, but it hurts my ass.

BUT – I am here! My father, the cats, and I survived 17 hours of travel with no physical trauma. Emotional, but not physical. Hey, it’s something…

Jess stayed under the passenger seat in my car both days. Entirely. Meaning, his entire body was somehow under the seat, and he stayed under there the entire time we were driving, only coming out growling yet bendy when my dad pushed and I pulled. Piper, however, seemed just fine the 2nd day, when she realized I wasn’t dumping her somewhere. She even sat in my lap and looked out the window. Who would have thought The Clawww would travel better than Jesstifer?? Not I.

The cats were mercifully tranq’d and were tripping awesomely. The medicine made them mellow and somewhat bendy, but not unconscious. I kept wishing I had meds too. I have never been a fan of long car trips, so it would have been heaven to sleep the whole time to wake up in a brand new place. Oh well…

I have cable, and my brand new DVR is sitting, forlorn and unconnected, in my empty den. No TV. For a week. I may end up renting DVDs to watch on my laptop, I have a feeling this week might be looonnnggggg. Oh, the irony of DVR and no TV. Sigh. At least I have Internet access, or at least I did for a while this afternoon.

I’m tired and cranky and stressed and cranky and did I mention tired? I just wanted to check in to say I’m alive and I made it! I will hopefully be back to my chipper self in just a couple of days. I also have some funny pics from the road trip to post, but not tonight. There’s an air mattress calling my name….leeeeeeesssa……leeeeeeeesssaaaaaa….


Babs said...

hurray, you made it! as for a week without your stuff, boo! Sounds like a good reason to postpone your start date. ;)

Hope said...


I vote for renting movies.